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Minnesota Board of Architecture, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Land Surveying, Geoscience and Interior Design
Shari Lindeman - Contact person
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St. Paul, MN 55101
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Report Date Total Hours Annually Self-Study Accepted PHSW
due 6/30 of even years 24 PDH per biennial period Yes all PDH must directly benefit the PHSW

Statutes and Regulations
Title/Practice Act Summary

Continuing Education Requirements

  • CE must directly benefit the health, safety, or welfare of the public
  • Practitioners may pursue technical, non technical, regulatory, ethical, and business practice needs for a well-rounded education provided the education directly benefits the health, safety, or welfare of the public
  • Activities include: college-sponsored courses; self- study college or non-college-sponsored courses, presented by correspondence, Internet, television, video, or audio; seminars, tutorials, televised or videotaped courses, or short courses; self-sponsored and prepared in-house educational programs; study tours with a structured program resulting in a written or visual presentation by the licensee or certificate holder; courses or seminars; published papers, articles, or books; LARE grading or writing; providing professional service to the public which draws upon the licensee's or certificate holder's professional expertise on boards, commissions, and committees such as planning commissions, building code advisory boards, urban renewal boards, or non-work- related volunteer service; patents
  • For more details on the requirements

Exceptions and Exemptions

Does not apply to licensed engineers, architects, or land surveyors. Does not prevent architects and engineers from
doing landscape planning and designing. An LA may not engage in the practice of architecture, engineering, land
surveying or geoscience.

Landscape architecture does not include:

  • the design of structures or facilities with separate and self-contained purposes
    as ordinarily included in the practice of engineering or architecture; and
  • the preparation of boundary surveys or final land plats, as ordinarily included in
    the practice of land surveying
  • Any person working on his/her own property
  • Nursery operators or other small business people preparing landscape plans
    appropriate to the normal operation of their business
  • A person who practices as a landscape architect, solely as an officer or
    employee of the United States
  • Contractors furnishing detailed or shop plans to a landscape architect
  • Construction superintendents supervising the execution of work designed by
    a landscape architect

Deems compliance if the licensee is registered in another state and has met requirements found acceptable
by the board; licensee is still bound by record keeping requirements.

ASLA Chapter Licensure Contact
Doris M. Sullivan, FASLA

Joni L. Giese, ASLA

State Legislature Contact Information
Minnesota State Legislature Web Site

Source: American Society of Landscape Architects

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